Jessica van Herwijnen


Jessica is a coach for children, teens and teenagers, her official title is Pedagogue, which translated from Greek means ‘children’s guide’. With a background in social work, child psychiatry and teaching she has touched the lives of children from all walks of life. Her aim is to provide empowering and self-supporting techniques to assist them in becoming more independent in their future.

Jessica’s unique approach is key to her work, which embodies the special connection with each individual child. The assistance, counselling and practical aids are implemented throughout their journey.

Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness are used in creative or play therapy sessions to support the mental side of coaching.

Building self confidence, self regulation and self reflection gives children a deep foundation on their recovering journey. Hidden gems of talent, character and perseverance are found in the dark of trauma.

In her Energy Healing work she facilitates playful, yet deep explorations to the core of the issue. The mind can be at ease during those energy shifts, that can break through obsolete patterns and behaviors. Sessions will always end with positive affirmations and creative tools to take away from each individual session.