Jamie and Joy

Yesterday we fetched Jamie in Manenberg. Jamie is an 11-year-old neurological pain sufferer, he is a very mature and insightful young boy, so beyond his years and other kids of his age…. Read More

What is CRPS?

Laying out Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – in layman’s terms. Amazing how many of us had never heard of CRPS, and how many still do not know what CRPS is. We’re here… Read More

Knowledge is Power

CRPS has no cure – true or false? When Jed was diagnosed with CRPS after many weeks of confusion, no doctor could treat him.   It was a difficult time as Jed, 10… Read More

Let It Go

In the many times I have spoken to moms with kids affected by this very strange and insane disease I find it strange how difficult it is for us to go beyond… Read More

Pain can take over our lives

When our young children are in pain, we have to help. One thing that can keep us moms on the right path is to remember that CRPS and other neurological pain diseases… Read More

Our CRPS Frustration

I am totally devastated and now even more passionate to carry on with myinitiative for CRPS awareness in children. Our Jedi Tedi foundation, which we started when my son Jed was diagnosed… Read More

Determination and Despair

There is nothing that works better than that solid determination to be well and walking again. Not all the kids are able to do it on their own (not sure if it… Read More