Pain can take over our lives

Shana Kagan


Shana is Treasurer of Paediatric Pain South Africa, and a global advocate for the rehabilitation of chronic pain sufferers.

When our young children are in pain, we have to help. One thing that can keep us moms on the right path is to remember that CRPS and other neurological pain diseases have a good prognosis in children. This is a fact,…a medical fact, as children’s nerves are elastic.

There is no ‘one treatment fits all’, so each child needs to be delicately assessed and then treated within his or her personality traits. This is possible as it has been proven again and again.

Each child is unique and special and needs to be nurtured through their pain to go through their own healing journeys. There is no quick fix, it is a small step in the right direction at a time. Slowly and surely.

A strange but true example is the story of a young boy who recently checked in with pain. He is 11 he has had neurological pain for about 6 years, suffering a horrible debilitating pain that kept him away from school and his friends. His mom, a real hero, was so involved in trying to help him not miss out that she would carry him on her back to school. Why could he not get better?! He was doing it all right,… then the doctors realised that it may be because his environment was deterring his treatment. He was sleeping on a wet, uncomfortable bed, above his bed, the roof leaked. He lives in a shack and there was no space to move his bed away from the damaged roof, so he was always anxious about being cold and wet.

We decided to fix the roof and within a week of the roof being repaired this young boy is pain free…

You must not feel alone, you must get help from those that can support you and hold your hand through this tough journey.

You can beat this!

And as Jed says, “If I can do it, so can you!”

Jed is my son who has beaten CRPS and is now pain free for almost 3 years.

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